Feel the Wonderful

The whole earth is filled with awe at your wonders; where morning dawns, where evening fades, you call forth songs of joy. ~ Psalm 65:8

When did I stop noticing?

What are the tiresome distractions that pull my gaze down, preventing my attention from being captivated by the wonders He puts on show day after day after day…

a spectacularly radiant sunrise;

trembling green leaves on the aspen’s branches in my backyard;

the cheerful call of a song sparrow on the front porch swing;

the clean, fresh smell of my neighbor’s just-mown grass;

the laughing blue eyes of a mischievous child…

It’s easy to push these aside as everyday occurrences. We forget that every single sunrise is a miraculous visual symphony we could never conduct; every intricate snowflake an impossibly complicated design.

God spoke the living world into being, everything untouched and true, a never-before-seen mystery of astounding originals. One day on the Creator’s earth, the very first whale breached in the cool saltiness of the very first watery ocean in the light of the only sun that ever was or has ever been.

Wonder of wonders.

There is little need that I should tell you of God,
For every thing speaks of him.
Every field is like an open book;
every painted flower hath a lesson
written on its leaves.
Every murmuring brook hath a tongue;
a voice is in every whispering wind.
They all speak of him who made them;
they all tell us, He is very good.
We cannot see God, for he is invisible;
but we can see his works,
and worship his footsteps in the green sod.

~ From Hymns in Prose for Children by Anna Laetitia Barbauld

Today is a WONDER-FILLED, GOOD day!

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