Praying in Color ~ a book review

Praying in Color by Sybil MacBeth brings simple art to prayer time. In this handbook-of-sorts MacBeth introduces the “art” of prayer time –  everything from simple doodling (“improvisational drawing”) to complex images. MacBeth teaches pray-ers of every level how to use pen, paper and color to create daily prayer reminders.

Her writing is casual and humorous, putting those who fear they lack skill or ability at ease. It is her mission to invite everyone into this practice. Early on in Part 2, Chapter 2, she discusses the nuts and bolts of starting a creative prayer time.  She then teaches her reader to create some type of simple visual illustration of a person being prayed for; this illustration becomes the catalyst for praying the remainder of the day. Lots of examples of colored doodling and art are included in the book, so her suggestions are easy to follow and implement. The strength of this book lies in MacBeth’s ability to encourage her readers . . . to just start!

Praying in Color is for everyone – no artistic talent required – just paper, pen, your favorite coloring art supplies, an open heart, and someone you’re praying for. In her own words:

When the drawing was finished, there was a visual record of my prayers. The images stayed in my mind and I carried them – and sometimes the actual page – with me wherever I went.   (p. 15-16)

I highly recommend Praying in Color for those who want to add a little color to their prayer life!

Today is a GOOD day!


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