We do it in the grocery store. We do it in the carpool line. We do it at the four-way stop.

We wait in the morning, at noon, at night.

We wait for the next step, the better life, the greater good.

I’ve been thinking a lot about what I’m doing with all of this waiting.

As my life continues its unfaltering pace, I often overlook the perfect opportunity right in front of me . . . because I am waiting. And, to be honest, I’m waiting for what is really an unknown future. And when this future comes, I’m pretty sure I will have moved on to waiting for the next thing.

If time is endlessly pressing forward, why do we so often shut down, stand stagnant…and wait?

I believe God insists that we use our waiting time wisely. His plans are unfolding not just in the future – but right NOW.

Every morning we wake up and, not knowing what will actually happen that day, we actively make this decision: we can live expectantly for the next 24 hours taking advantage of what God places in front of us, or we can do nothing, stuck waiting for the future. This day may bring great joy, great sorrow, great wonder or great confusion. But present in these circumstances are God-given opportunities that will not be the same tomorrow. How sad that I might miss my today moments – possibly the chance to make a difference in someone’s life – because I’m too busy waiting!

For sure, the future belongs to God – our future is His. But today, He calls us to be in the present, expecting Him here, too.

Let’s live out our waiting . . .

~ Natalie

Today is a GOOD day!


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